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Non-GMO Project


The Non-GMO Project, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, offers North America’s only third-party verification and labeling for non-GMO (genetically modified organism) food and products. We currently have nearly 35,000 Non-GMO Project Verified products from more than 2,500 brands, representing $16 Billion in annual sales. Non-GMO Project Verified is currently one of the fastest growing labels in the natural food sector, and increasingly is an attribute sought by conventional brands as well.

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Our mission is to preserve and build sources of non-GMO products, educate consumers, and provide verified non-GMO choices.

Our shared belief is that everyone deserves an informed choice about whether or not to consume genetically modified organisms.

The Non-GMO Project works in several different capacities to ensure the availability of non-GMO products and to help support informed choice. We offer North America’s only third-party verification and labeling for non-GMO food and products. We also work to educate consumers and the food industry to help build awareness about GMOs and their impact on our health and food systems. One of the inherent risks of genetically modified crops and food items is that they contaminate non-GMO crops and foods through cross-pollination and/or contamination; so we also work with food manufacturers, distributors, growers, and seed suppliers to develop a standard for detection of GMOs and for the reduction of contamination risk of the non-GMO food supply with GMOs.

The organization was started by retailers, and in addition to our verification program we work with stores across the country on product policies, shelf labeling and other consumer education programs. We also have active social media presence, with more than 1 million Facebook fans.

Please visit our website to find out more.

Look for this seal when you shop! The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s only third party verification for GMO avoidance, including testing of risk ingredients.