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Official Statement on the Latest Labeling Bill

MEW Statement_NGPFrom Non-GMO Project Executive Director Megan Westgate:

The main intent of this bill is clearly to preempt democratically established state legislation and make it harder for the public to know whether or not the food they are buying is genetically engineered. While much has been made of the significant problems with the type of labeling proposed in this bill (QR codes, 800 numbers and websites), an equally big problem is that the bill is filled with huge loopholes, meaning that most GMO products could escape any sort of labeling at all.

Section 294 of the bill indirectly acknowledges the loopholes, saying that just because a product is exempt from mandatory disclosure under the bill does NOT mean that it is eligible to make a non-GMO claim. In other words, a lot of products that are not non-GMO would also not be labeled under this bill. Indeed, this watered down legislation is a world away from the rigorous protocols required of any product bearing the Non-GMO Project Verified label.

Through all the turmoil of the mandatory labeling battles, the Non-GMO Project butterfly will continue to provide the public with a meaningful way to avoid GMOs.