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White Oak Pastures Receives Non-GMO Project Verification

white-oak-pastures-logo-reversed011White Oak Pastures, the largest pastured poultry operation in the U.S. and one of the largest multi-species, humane and regenerative farms in the country, has switched to non-GMO feed for its poultry, pigs, and rabbits. The farm recently received Non-GMO Project verification on their animal products.

Each year, White Oak Pastures pasture-raises and hand-butchers 260,000 broiler chickens, 12,000 laying hens, 8,200 turkeys, 7,600 ducks, 6,000 guinea fowl, 3,000 geese, 1,000 rabbits, and 200 pigs. The animals are raised entirely on pasture and processed on the farm, and now fed entirely non-GMO feed. White Oak Pastures has received many customer requests for non-GMO products, but struggled to find a feed mill that could supply its volume. The farm is is proud to now be able to offer these products to consumers.

White Oak Pastures’ switch to non-GMO feed is one in a number of steps the farm has taken since the mid-1990s to transition from a monoculture of cattle raised using industrial methods to a kinder, gentler agriculture that strives to emulate nature. The farm has phased out confinement feeding of grain, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and hormones and antibiotics. White Oak Pastures built on-farm USDA-inspected red meat and poultry abattoirs, designed by Temple Grandin, so the animals wouldn’t travel to slaughter. It is the only farm in the country with both facilities on the property. White Oak Pastures now pasture-raises 10 species of livestock, and offers 60+ varieties of certified organic produce, pastured eggs, artisan goods, on-site lodging, dining and educational workshops. White Oak Pastures is excited to continue moving down this path with the addition of non-GMO feed for its animals.

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