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Welcome Eric!

The Non-GMO Project welcomes Eric Emsky as our new Quality Assurance Assistant. Eric is a native Washingtonian who calls Colorado his home away from home. Before joining the Non-GMO Project, he spent close to a decade racing mountain bikes and cyclocross competitively around the world. When not in the office, you can find Eric attempting to break the sound barrier on his mountain bike, losing himself in a scintillating read, grooving to the latest ear candy, and soaking in as much sun as he possibly can. Here is a quick Q&A to help you get to know Eric better:

What interests you about working at the Non-GMO Project-what about this opportunity caught your attention?

In my early teens, I started racing mountain bikes and quickly learned what you put in your body has a tremendous impact on how you perform. Eating whole, organic, and minimally processed foods has allowed me to live at my fullest potential and accomplish the loftiest of goals which I set for myself.

I have used the Non-GMO Project Verified seal to help me make conscious purchasing decisions for many years now. It has been an invaluable aid that has helped me navigate the myriad of grocery products and foods. I am a firm believer that you vote with your dollar and being able to support organizations that are committed to producing products that are not genetically modified is tremendously powerful. In addition, I have admired the Non-GMO Project as a news source for everyday consumers to tune in to modern day food issues and provide the necessary resources to empower people to make meaningful change in their communities. After learning that the Project was based in the town which I love so much, I was there!

How do you think your prior experience will help you in working with the Non-GMO Project?

After many years of being a competitive athlete, I developed a deep interest for organic foods, nutrition, and food science, which later spurred my entry into working in natural foods stores. I learned that I loved sharing health promoting foods and being in the natural and organic foods industry.

While I have a business administration degree, I spent a considerable amount of time studying biology and behavioral neuroscience. I spent one of my favorite summers working in a neuroscience research lab studying the neurobiology of addiction. I find it a dream come true to be able to marry my passion for the natural world around us to my technical business skills.

What is important to you about the work you will be doing at the Project?

I am excited to work in an organization, which shares many of my personal values and allows me to use my time and energy to help make the world a better place. I am thrilled to be a part of helping enact meaningful change for our food systems on a global scale. We have one planet to inhabit and we better make sure that future generations are able to lead happy and healthy lives here!