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Maskal Teff receives Non-GMO Project Verification

Maskal Teff Vertical logoThe Teff Company proudly announced today their Teff products, sold under the brand “Maskal Teff,” have been Non-GMO Project Verified.

“This is an exciting and important day for us,” Teff Company owner Wayne Carlson stated.   “Having the Non-GMO Project Verification validates the great care and effort that we’ve put into producing the best quality Teff on the market.   It’s an additional way of affirming to our customers the quality and integrity of our Maskal Teff products.   We have always believed in integrity of source, supply chain and quality, which is why we have always supplied our own teff seed to our farmers.   Having the Non-GMO Project Verification affords our customers the independent confirmation of the integrity of the foods they are eating.

“Our ingredient customers will also benefit from our Non-GMO Project Verification,” added Carlson. “In recent years we have begun working with an increasing number of companies who are doing creative things with teff – from crafting gluten free baked goods, to cereal products, to health/energy bars, and beyond.   Our Non-GMO Project Verification allows our customers to assure their customers of the same integrity of their food supply.”

Look for Maskal Teff grains and flours in both Brown and Ivory varieties in natural foods retail stores everywhere. Maskal Teff comes in 16oz pouches, and many stores sell it in bulk sections as well.   For stores looking to carry Maskal Teff, please ask your distributor to call The Teff Company at 888-822-2221, or visit us at

About the Teff Company:   The Teff Company pioneered the growing and milling of Teff in the USA over 30 years ago. Long before teff’s status as a gluten free superfood become known, the founders and owners of The Teff Company began educating and working with farmers in the Western US.   The Teff Company processes their teff in a dedicated, teff-only facility.   Maskal Teff is gluten free and free from all other allergens.