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KombuchaYum Earns Non-GMO Project Verification

109905 KOMBUCHAYUM LOGO - USDA CertifiedWe are very pleased to announce that KombuchaYum, the first USDA Certified Organic kombucha produced in the state of Washington has now received Non-GMO Project Verification.

Our product labels will now proudly exhibit the verification seal, which represents our ongoing commitment to provide the highest quality kombucha made from ingredients tested for quality, authenticity, and transparency.

We are also happy to announce delicious new flavor blends featuring the rather remarkable superfood botanical known as Moringa Oleifera. This fast growing, hardy tree is native to South Asia and is now found throughout the tropics.

The leaves offer an extraordinary nutrient profile and are very rich in amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals. As an addition in our brewing of kombucha, we have discovered a unique synergy of delicious flavor and health supporting nutrients along with the probiotic benefits already known to kombucha. We have nine new tasty flavors featuring this remarkable superfood.

We have also addressed our many customer requests for caffeine free alternatives and have reformulated two of our previously offered blends with the ever popular Rooibos tea, which besides being caffeine free is also very low in tannins.