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High Mowing Organic Seed Company to Launch First Full Line of Non-GMO Project Verified Organic Vegetable Seeds

imagesHigh Mowing Organic Seed Company (HMOS) announced today that it is launching the first full line of organic, Non-GMO Project Verified vegetable seeds for farmers and gardeners. With over 90% of its varieties verified to date, HMOSs entire line of over 650 varieties will be verified by late summer 2014. HMOS seeds are already Certified Organic.

The term GMO, or genetically modified organism, refers to any organism which has had the genes of a different species spliced into its DNA. This differs from traditional methods of plant breeding, where the breeder pollinates the plants by hand, moving pollen from one plant to another, and only members of the same species can be crossed to create a new variety. Genetic modification results in varieties that contain genes from two different species.

GMOs are not permitted under the National Organic Program, the federal regulatory framework governing organic food, and HMOS has never sold genetically modified seeds. As new GM crops are released to the general public, however, the risk of these crops cross-pollinating organic crops increases. HMOS has committed to Non-GMO Projects independent verification to help reduce these risks.

High Mowing Seeds has been a dedicated non-GMO leader, said Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project. A non-GMO food supply is reliant upon non-GMO seeds, and HMOS has shown its commitment to preserving and building non-GMO choices by starting at the source. We couldn’t be more honored to be working with such a purpose-driven company. HMOS has been offering their expertise on seed issues to the Non-GMO Project since 2008.

Both HMOS and the Non-GMO Project believe consumers have a right to know whats in their food and should be able to make an informed choice based on clear labeling of food products and ingredients. 64 other countries around the world now require labeling of GMOs. On May 8th, Vermont passed a bill that makes them the first U.S. State to require GMO labeling. HMOS is dedicated to ensuring consumer choice and safety by verifying their seeds and adhering to a strict policy regarding GMO contamination.

We have the remarkable opportunity to shape and steward the future of our seeds and help protect their purity for generations to come, said Tom Stearns, founder of HMOS. Non-GMO Project Verification enables us to take a detailed and systematic approach to preventing GMO contamination in all our seed production and handling. HMOS will continue to invest in collaborations like the Non-GMO Project, because organic, non-GMO seeds have to be the foundation of the healthy food system of the future.

Located in Northern Vermont, High Mowing Organic Seeds has been a non-GMO, 100% certified organic seed company since its founding in 1996. In 1999, HMOS developed the Safe Seed Pledge, and the partnership with the Non-GMO Project further ensures gardeners, farmers and consumers can feel confident about the quality and source of their seed, as well as the food grown from it.

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